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Consultancy Case Studies

Consultancy Services

Please find below our Consultancy Case Studies which provide feedback and success stories from past clients.

Waste Management Company
Market: small retail companies & independents in hospitality | 7212 Live Accounts
  • Debt levels increasing towards £1m overdue 
  • No processes in place for chasing failed or cancelled Direct Debits accounts or escalating accounts 
  • 50% or more customers opening times were evenings or early mornings only 
  • Client hadn’t contacted customers for payment for more than 3 months, therefore, no knowledge or disputed or undisputed debt 
  • With agreement from client, temporary and current staff worked overtime in early mornings and evenings to target specific customers 
  • Worked with client to implement on hold process for customers failing to sign up to Direct Debits or clear outstanding debt within agreed timeframe 
  • Designed & implemented collection strategies 
  • Automated process where possible keeping human intervention where necessary  
  • Introduce statuses for each type of customer or service to allow team members to concentrate on specific groups 
  • Create reports with client splitting disputed and undisputed debt and separate teams into two  
  • Implemented disputed debt management process setting KPI’s with dispute resolution owners 

  • 80% of customers re-signed back up on Direct Debit to reduce time spent chasing debt 
  • Disputed debt levels reduced by £100k in 2 months 
  • Overdue debt levels reduced significantly due to accounts being placed on hold
Technical Testing and Analysis Company
Market: Construction & Retail| Turnover: £10.8m | 340 Live Accounts
  • Poor cash collection
  • Client wanted better understanding of where the outstanding debt was sitting
  • Worked with client to produce reports that highlighted disputed debt and value that was collectable
  • Weekly conference calls to discuss high profile accounts and any disputed debt that require input from multiple teams and how to coordinate this

  • Debtor days reduced from 100 to 59
  • Improved Ownership of disputes and agreed timescales for resolution
  • Improved forecasting
Supplier of skilled labour to the oil and gas industry
Market: (Global) | Turnover: £150m | Invoice Finance
  • Considerable outstanding debt tied up in disputed invoices
  • Used invoice finance to fund their business, a condition of which was credit insurance
  • Carried out a diagnostic report to cover the whole order to cash process
  • Compiled an in-depth credit policy that complied fully with the credit insurance policy and rolled out to all areas of the business to gain ‘buy in’ with sales force and account managers
  • Set up dispute resolution system along with meaningful management reporting
  • Set KPIs
  • Assisted with the recruitment of skilled and motivated credit control staff to ensure effective cash collection

  • Within three months our client was able to collect £2m that had been previously disputed
  • Gained improved working capital due to robust credit policy
  • Resulted in reduced costs with financiers
Recruitment consultancy
Market: (Accountancy, Sales & Admin) | Projected Turnover: £40k
  • Client was a new start-up company and wanted to protect themselves from bad debt, and know how to collect outstanding invoices effectively
  • Delivered advice on terms and conditions of sale, and provided template letters and advice on how to incorporate the terms
  • Looked at credit risk assessments
  • Advised them how to be proactive in collecting any outstanding payments whilst complying with current legislation and improve their client relationship
  • Client now has a bespoke framework to work within for credit control issues that is directly relevant to their business
  • Peace of mind

Building Services Consultants
Turnover: £600k
  • High debtor days
  • Carried out a diagnostic review covering ‘Order to Cash’ process, identifying under-performing areas.
  • Designed & implemented an in-depth credit policy.
  • Coached existing staff to carry out credit control functions
  • Skilled and motivated credit control staff
  • Reduction in debtor days from 92 to 45
IT Support Company
  • Credit policy and procedures required to roll out to all franchisees
  • Policy to include general advice to franchise holders to help them implement the policy
  • Designed & implemented an in-depth credit policy together with training notes
  • Ran classroom style training course for franchise holders
  • Consistent and proactive approach to credit management across the brand
Marketing Company
Market: Local Government, Health Authorities, Corporate
  • Client typically agreed to their customer’s terms and conditions
  • Lack of understanding the commercial aspects of accepting their Client’s terms without negotiation
  • Client lost money on several contracts as the scope of their quote was not specific enough

CMG UK provided advice on:

  • What to be aware of in customer’s terms and conditions and what points to negotiate on
  • Ensuring there are consequences for late payment in all contract terms or they can rely on Late Payment Legislation
  • Ensuring the scope of work was very specific and how any works outside the original scope would be charged
  • Being aware of their contract obligations to ensure they deliver as per the contract and cannot be held in breach of contract.
  • Client now has reduced exposure to risk
  • T&Cs can now be used as a form of leverage to receive payment from late paying customers.

Provider of security systems and man-guarding
Turnover: £3.7m
  • Client wanted to improve cash flow by invoice financing but their current credit management process was not compliant to underwriter’s requirements
  • Refined all aspects of credit management
  • Set up management reports and set collection targets based on debtor days
  • Addressed the viability of invoice financing for the business and made them aware of the restrictions it would place on the business
  •  Liaised with provider to find most suitable deal for client
  • Recruitment of credit control staff
  • Collection performance has improved dramatically, significantly improving overall cash flow of business and therefore the business has not needed to use invoice finance
  • Morale of staff has greatly improved through significantly increased confidence in the work they carry out

Provider of monitoring service to vulnerable and elderly
Turnover: £800k | Approximately 5500 live accounts
  • Client has large volume of customers and invoice types that made allocation of receipts very time consuming with a high error rate
  • Outstanding debt was considerable due to the volume of customers
  • Identified and implemented a software package that could be amended to suit the client’s needs that would deliver the following:
    • Automatic allocation of standing orders
    • Workflow steps to allow credit control calls and letters to be more efficiently managed
    • Coached staff in credit control techniques, general sales ledger management and reconciliations
    • Set up management reporting to chart improvements in collection performance and to aid strategic management decisions
    • Set up process to reconcile the operations system to the finance system for revenue protection
  • Significantly improved cash flow
  • Reduction in accounts not billed in error
  • Accounts staff trained and motivated
  • Reduction in number of staff hours spent in accounts due to efficiencies

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