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Outsourced Collections

The Benefits of Setting Customer Credit Limits

Setting customer credit limits

For many businesses, particularly those in B2B businesses, offering credit to customers is a necessity in order to remain competitive. Considering this, every business needs to have procedures in place that determines what payment terms a customer will receive, and how much credit they will be given. What are the benefits of setting customer credit […]

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Recruitment Back door hiring episode 5

Back door hiring

Back door hiring episode 5 We regularly assist our clients with litigation against debtors, from the hearing stage, when the claim is defended, all the way through to enforcement. We have a very high success rate in litigation.  However, the debtor doesn’t always have the ability to pay their debts. This is why credit checking […]

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Tips for Dispute Resolution in Business

dispute resolution in business

Having the knowledge and procedures in place to for dispute resolution in business can save a lot of time and effort that could be spent on other parts of your business. The trick is to identify disputes early so resolution is found quickly, and ensuring that you are still paid on time. The Order to […]

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What Not To Do in Unpaid Invoice Collection

invoice collection

I could write a book based on the do’s and don’ts of unpaid invoice collection, collected over my years in business I have found a great deal of do’s that can be highly effective, as well as some head-scratching, at times even worrying, don’ts from businesses that I have come across. Some don’ts are glaringly […]

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Expert View on Credit Control

Expert view on credit control

Whether in a time of economic prosperity or uncertainty, access to knowledge, experience and talent needed to grow businesses doesn’t have to be about increasing headcount. Our client base, which includes architects, accountants and recruitment firms, is not only benefiting because more people are choosing to do things such as alter their home, pay closer […]

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Tackling Poor Payment Practices from your Customers

Poor payment practices

Poor payment practices are something that should ideally be addressed at the beginning of the business relationship. However, sometimes poor payment practices can arise after business has already begun. So what can you do to combat poor payment practices before or during carrying out work with your customer? Take into account the Battle of the […]

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