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What to Look Out for When Credit Checking Customers

credit checking customers

Every company should credit check their potential customers prior to carrying out work with them; or at least credit check ones with higher value orders. There are specific things that you should look out for on a credit risk report that should give you an effective overview of your customer’s credit risk. What should you […]

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What is Effective Credit Control?

effective credit control

Having an effective credit control function within your business can have a huge impact on your cash flow. Your credit control should use the most appropriate processes and procedures for yours and your customer’s business to ensure you are paid quickly and on time, as well as maintaining positive business relationships. What indicates effective credit […]

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6 ways to improve the order to cash process in your business

improve the order to cash process

Effective credit management covers the entire Order to Cash, not just collection activity as many wrongly assume. Ensuring that your Order to Cash Process is followed precisely and that it is continually reviewed and improved upon is vital to any business, as anything that happens during the process will ultimately affect, when or if you […]

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Commercial Credit Management News August 2023

Commercial Credit Management News

We hope this blog finds you well. If there is anything you would like to see more of in our round ups from more Credit Management Hints & Tips to help on E-learning webinars let us know: COMMERCIAL CREDIT MANAGEMENT Government was slow to take action on Covid 19 grant losses Business confidence in the […]

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Should you be reassessing your credit management process?

late or non-payment

Offering credit to customers will always pose risks to your business, however having the most effective credit management process in place will significantly reduce this risk and your cash flow will ultimately benefit. Every business should continually monitor their credit management activity so that any downfalls in the process can be addressed promptly; poorly executed […]

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Small to medium Business Cash Flow

improve cash flow

One of the regular questions we get asked is how we can help a Small to medium business with their cash flow? There are some simple and easy ways you can help yourself from the start: Credit check prospective customers This may seem like an obvious one but there are a lot of companies who will […]

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The Benefits of Setting Customer Credit Limits

Setting customer credit limits

For many businesses, particularly those in B2B businesses, offering credit to customers is a necessity in order to remain competitive. Considering this, every business needs to have procedures in place that determines what payment terms a customer will receive, and how much credit they will be given. What are the benefits of setting customer credit […]

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Try our live online training courses, reduce your debtor days now!

credit control courses

We have 3 live online training events that will help improve your credit management function. Collection Performance £99 per person Running W/c 25th September 2023W/c 4th March 2024W/c 24th June 2024W/c 14th October 2024 Start time will be 2pm Our Improving Cash Flow courses are beneficial to those new to collections, with no formal training, or […]

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How to Get the Most out of Credit Management Training Courses

credit management courses

Translating credit management training courses into your business Credit management training courses are designed to teach you the knowledge and skills to go back to your business and make necessary changes for improvement. But how can you ensure that you will be able to translate what you learnt into your real work environment? Take lots […]

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