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How to Get the Most out of Credit Management Training Courses

credit management courses

Translating credit management training courses into your business Credit management training courses are designed to teach you the knowledge and skills to go back to your business and make necessary changes for improvement. But how can you ensure that you will be able to translate what you learnt into your real work environment? Take lots […]

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FAQ on Credit Control: Prioritising Collections

Prioritising collection activity

What advice can you give me with regards to asking for money? I’m sure I’m owed lots of money but I send so many invoices, that it is becoming increasingly hard to chase them all? The trick is to know how to plan invoice collection. Use the Pareto Principle (80-20 rule); that is, often 20% […]

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Credit Management E-learning from £99

In House Credit Management Training

Struggling to get paid? Do you need help? Collection Performance £99 per person Running w/c 16th January 2023 Our Improving Cash Flow courses are beneficial to those new to collections, with no formal training, or to those who view the course as a refresher in credit control, wishing to improve and develop their collection techniques. […]

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Get Paid Faster With These Six Credit Management Tricks

get paid faster

Getting paid on time is an ideal situation for any business that offers credit to their customers; but unfortunately this is not the case for many businesses throughout the UK. Late payment can, at times, be done in all innocence but others will provide spurious excuses as to why you have not received payment, or […]

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Why Should You Use Late Payment Legislation?

use late payment legislation

I’m sure many businesses have an interest clause within their Terms and Conditions in regards to late payment. I’m also sure that many businesses never take full advantage of late payment interest due to fear of damaging a relationship with a customer, or simply that they don’t know how to effectively apply it. Having a […]

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Our Top Tips for Cash Flow Management

cash flow management

Cash flow management is a key aspect to the survival of your business; done effectively your business has the potential to thrive, but neglect it and you may be putting your business at risk. Cash flow management Financial Risk Due diligence is a huge part of keeping cash flow positive; by carrying out credit checks, […]

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The Top Five Aspects all Credit Control Courses Should Cover

credit control courses

If your company is investing money into sending you on a training course to improve your knowledge and skills for the benefit of your role, then choosing the right course, that will provide you with the correct knowledge and procedures, is vital. For credit control courses in particular, ensuring that relevant topics are covered is […]

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