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How can Credit Control Courses Help you to Become More Confident in your Role?

credit control courses

To be able to enjoy any role within a business, you need to have confidence in the task at hand; without confidence you will not be comfortable or effective in your day to day tasks, leading to your performance and the business’ suffering. Attending credit control courses are an ideal way to build confidence in your role; increase confidence is one of the main points of feedback we receive for our own credit control courses, as we impart the knowledge upon delegates and know-how of an effective credit control department and how to successfully implement the teachings into the business.

How to know you need to attend a credit control course?

  • You dislike doing credit control
  • You worry when you have to make a phone call to a customer
  • You’re uncertain of the different routes you can go down when a customer is paying late
  • You seem to settle for what the customer wants rather than a mutually acceptable outcome
  • You are chasing but are not getting the desired results
  • You worry about chasing too much and damaging the customer relationship

What will a credit control course cover?

  • Establishing financial obligations
  • Tools for collection
  • What makes a good credit controller
  • Types of customer
  • Collection strategies
  • Telephone collections
  • Writing effective collection letters
  • Negotiating techniques

Why will my confidence increase?

You will:

  • Gain more knowledge of credit control skills and techniques
  • Learn how to negotiate effectively, whilst maintaining a friendly relationship with your customer
  • Learn how to prepare for phone conversations, as well as closing them effectively
  • Discover techniques on how to deal with difficult customers and actively listen
How can I apply it to my everyday working life?

At the end of our credit control courses we take one final overview of the teachings of the day, and discuss how they can be implemented into each individual business. This is an opportunity for delegates to ask any final questions they may have with regards to their role within the business, and they will be given an action plan that will detail what tasks they can carry out when returning to the business to ensure the course has an immediate benefit to the credit control function.

Our credit control courses have been proven to increase confidence for delegates; book your place today!