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Debt Recovery

Agreeing Commercial Credit Payment Plans

credit management debtor days

Agreeing payment plans with delinquent customers is a common part of credit control. We’ve included some guidelines to help you get the best outcome for your company and to make consequences of defaulting on the agreement clear to your customer. If you follow the above guidelines, you should be confident of getting paid, or if […]

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Making sure you Sue the correct entity

new Pre Action Protocols

During your years in business you are likely to come to a time when you need to make a claim against someone for non-payment. There are a number of things you can do to make sure the process runs smoothly and ensuring that you are suing the correct person is one of the most important […]

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What is a director guarantee?

Half of invoices continue to be paid late

The purpose of our blog this week is to help you understand some of the terminology used and also the options that are open to you. One of the options is a Director guarantee these can be used to leverage payment from a business, the biggest benefit of this guarantee is to creditors. Definition – […]

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