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Training Client Testimonials

Please find below a selection of training client testimonials, detailing our success with the service.

Training Services Testimonials

Very informative and lots of handouts to refer back to. I am confident I will be able to start court proceedings in my role, should the need arise.”

Rachael Cox, Ian Williams Ltd

How to Use the Small Claims Court

Jenny‚Äôs knowledge was outstanding, she was clear and engaging, we were able to interrupt and ask questions”

Elizabeth Cragg, Granby Roofing & Building Supplies Ltd

How to Use the Small Claims Court

It had great in depth knowledge of the claim process from start to finish. Jenny clearly has many years of excellent experience.”

Jack Arlow, Career Legal Ltd

How to Use the Small Claims Court

I have a better understanding of the steps to take before taking action, and now feel confident in submitting a claim. The Course was clear and informative and took us through the whole end to end process at the right pace.

Matt Birkinshaw, Hollis Global Limited

How to Use the Small Claims Court

“I have not had too much experience of the Small Claims Courts for getting paid and this has taken away some of the fear for me, providing so much guidance and information. It was great to have all the handouts and examples available for future reference. I found the course content invaluable to have real life scenarios and tips from Jenny based on her experience over the years. Working through a case from start to finish, ending with the hearing was really helpful in understanding the whole process.”

Katie Cox, Credit Team Leader, Ian Williams ltd facilities Management

How to Use the Small Claims Court

“I was interested to learn the different types of interest we could claim but also was not aware when starting the winding up process once the application is in the legal gazette other creditors are notified at that stage. The course was very informative and detailed, I found it very useful having a case scenario to apply the knowledge we were learning throughout the course.”

Zoe Austin, Legal Escalated Debt Case Manager Drax Energy

How to Use the Small Claims Court

“This session helped me understand what I can and can’t say in negotiations with a customer to get final answers, rather than just accepting their final answer.”

Cara Pithers, Hyundai Merchant Marine

Improving Collection Performance

“Great teacher, full of knowledge; I feel that I can now chase debtors more and with more force.”

Amy Atherton, Vertical Recruitment

Improving Collection Performance

“A very clear training day, I have been on other training days and the info isn’t clear or not beneficial – today was the opposite.”

David Boyd, Confidential Direct

How to Use the Small Claims Court

“Everything was faultless. The session was extremely informative and enjoyable.”

Claire Walsh, BT Cables

How to Use the Small Claims Court

“Excellent format and notes provided beneficial in going forward. The trainer was excellent and put the process into totally understandable terms; everything covered was beneficial to my work environment.”

Andrew Greening, Muir Group Housing Association

How to Use the Small Claims Court

“Enjoyed the session and felt it will benefit my job going forward.”

Carl Ryder, Newhall Publishing Ltd

Improving Collection Performance

“Lots of information, good to learn the subject in more depth to put into practice. Thank you.”

Gemma Middleditch, Amigo Loans

Insolvency Training

“Really informative & thorough. The Trainer was very helpful and approachable”

Charlotte Schuller, Amigo Loans

Insolvency Training

“We were only a small group and I think that worked really well. It was interesting to be with other delegates from different working backgrounds. I would recommend this training course to others”

Jane Collins, Percy Hughes & Roberts Solicitors

Improving Collection Performance Training

“Good activity to make you think more about how to apply it to your own company, I would recommend this course to others”

Michelle Miller, NP Projects

Improving Collection Performance Training

“Excellent course, gave me a lot of insight and things to think about.”

Emma Powell, Sovex Ltd

Improving Collection Performance Training

“Very well presented and informative”

Jacqueline Dodd, NWF Agriculture Ltd

“Friendly and supportive with lots of knowledge”

Rebecca Whalley, 3P Logistics

“I enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it; the course changed the way I look at the business’ debts”

Catherine Lockwood, McDade Roberts Accountants

What worked well in the session?
“Everything worked well”

Mike Heath, Warrant Group Ltd

“Collection letters and strategies was an interesting part of the session”

Maureen Hunter, Warrant Group Ltd

“The course was pitched right for all attendees”

Debbie Hellon, MCA Installations

“As a tradesman with no formal Credit Control training, I found the course very useful and have seen positive results come from your teachings.

The format and informal approach were just right and it has proved to be a day well spent.

I have no hesitation in recommending your company to business associates and indeed have already done so”

Paul Dooley, Director, Plannet Plumbing Services Ltd

“We’ve had an improvement in our outstanding debtors since the course . My negotiating skills have improved, I have gained some confidence, especially when speaking on the telephone and have indeed cleared some well overdue invoices.”

Kerry Mottram, Smart Storage

“An excellent course in good surroundings. I would definitely recommend!”

Julie Ann Mancini, Hurst LLP Accountants

“The course was informative and tailored to suit those attending. The delivery was humorous and informal, but maintained a professional manner.

Well Done CMG UK, you did a great job and we learnt a lot”

Janine Drew, Fundraising Manager, Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

“The training CMG UK provided gave us much more confidence in negotiating payment and overcoming excuses. The changes recommended to our collection letters have made a difference in the success rate of clients who pay their outstanding bills. The course has enabled us to improve the overall cash flow of the firm.”

Chris McGuigan, Finance Manager, Kirwans Solicitors

“With the information and advice from the course, we now have credit control and collection strategies in place. This has improved our cash flow and our customers are very impressed with our professionalism and approach to credit control.

You understand the needs and requirements of a small business and the course content is extremely helpful and relevant. Since implementing our new credit control procedures , I have more time to effectively support my manager and for us to both focus on developing the business.”

Claire Harrison, Administration Manager, Trust in Wills & Legal Services Ltd

“Credit Control training proved very useful when drafting out our own Credit Control Procedures. The techniques recommended when making phone calls to debtors has also been a very productive tool. The course has given me more confidence to take control of the situation when speaking to clients and making decisions.”

Christine Williams, Practice Manager, Shipley Solicitors

“For any business to survive, Credit Management is a crucial area and to know that there is such support and training available from CMG UK is very reassuring.

I would recommend this programme and CMG UK to anyone at any stage in their business”.

Cheryl Braham, Director, Yellow Brick Road Training & Development

“You wouldn’t believe the impact the course had on our collection letters. 4 days after we sent out our ‘revamped’ letters, we had about 70% of the outstanding cheques in.”

Janice Lee-Williams, Cigarette Bins UK