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Effective Credit Management Factsheets

Effective Credit Management Factsheets

We would like to think that the information we share on a weekly basis is useful and helps you in your day to day business.

There are many areas in Credit Management we can help with and alot of the problems could be solved by setting up the right systems in the first place. Internally we have alot of processes we follow to allow us to make the decision if we want to take on a new client just like you would.

We thought we would share some of the initial tools we use and the reasons and logic behind them:

Guide to interpreting credit agency reports – this explains the importance of getting the right details up front to enable you to get the information you need. We also explain what the report is telling you.

Open new account letter – this fact sheet goes through the best process for accepting a new client and offering them credit.

Refused credit account letter – this fact sheet explains how to go about letting a company know that you are not extending them credit but explaining the other options available to them.

If there is anything else  you would like us to provide you detail on please do not hesitate to get in touch.